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Ewing Creek Equalization Facility is Operational

Construction of the Ewing Creek / Brick Church Equalization Facility, which consists of a 10.6 million gallon, pre-stressed concrete tank and an 18-million gallons per day wet weather pumping station, is complete and operational. The facility is located near Interstate 24 and Briley Parkway.

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NewsJulie Flynn
West Park Improvements Complete

Mayor David Briley, Council Member Mary Carolyn Roberts, and officials from Metro Parks and Metro Water Services (MWS) celebrated the completion of major improvements at West Park on August 18, 2018. Enhancements to West Park, which began in 2015 as a collaborative project between Metro Parks and MWS, include new recreation amenities as well as updated wastewater system infrastructure to improve water quality in Richland Creek.

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NewsEric Pescatore