It is Metro Water Services’ intent to implement the Clean Water Nashville Overflow Abatement Program efficiently and economically by providing an effective solution for combined sewer overflow and sanitary sewer overflow abatement with the lowest possible impact to customers. To ensure the availability of appropriate management, design, and construction expertise for the duration of the Program, MWS has established a Program Management Team comprised of MWS staff augmented by qualified consultants. This team will provide overall Program management, project management, planning, design management, and construction management. The tasks associated with each of these team functions are discussed in the Program Management Plan.

MWS has established a Program Management Consultant role and a Construction Management Consultant role to manage the designers and construction contractors who will be procured for specific project implementation. The Program Management Team, led by MWS staff and supported by the Program Management Consultant and the Construction Management Consultant, is structured as an “extension of staff” organization with clear roles, responsibilities, and authority. Structure is provided to the Program Management Team so that the Clean Water Nashville Overflow Abatement Program's requirements and milestones are met. The Program Management Team and its organizational relationship within MWS are shown in the organizational chart below.

org chart 2 CWN website.png

In addition to the Program Management and Construction Management Consultants, there are numerous engineering firms that have worked on Clean Water Nashville projects. At the onset of the Program in 2012, firms were prequalified for different project types, such as gravity sewer conveyance projects or rehabilitation projects. See the individual project pages for firms involved.

As the Program has developed, the list of prequalified firms has been limited to Small Business Enterprise Designers for Sewer Rehabilitation & Conveyance projects, as follows (in order of project assignment):

Projects not identified for Small Business Enterprise Designers will be open to all qualified, registered firms through a proposal process. A schedule for upcoming projects is located here.