Clean Water Nashville Projects Nearing Completion


A handful of large-scale Clean Water Nashville Overflow Abatement Program (CWNOAP) projects will be completed in late 2017 and early 2018, renewing system infrastructure and boosting Nashville's compliance with the Clean Water Act by reducing wastewater overflows into the environment.

With every project that is completed, the Clean Water Nashville Overflow Abatement Program makes progress on our commitment to update the wastewater system for our citizens and protect the health of the Cumberland River and area tributaries,” said Ron Taylor, CWNOAP Program Director.

Projects nearing completion include:


The West Park Equalization Facility Phase II project is scheduled to be in service in the fall of 2017 with park improvements continuing through the end of the year. Construction of a new, circular-shaped, 260-foot diameter, 21 million gallon wet weather storage tank increases capacity of wastewater storage during wet weather events. Located within West Park in a rapidly changing West Nashville residential neighborhood, the project will feature a distinctive mural and landscaping to minimize visual impact of the storage tank. Construction on the project, located in Council District 20, started in April 2015.


The Annual Rehabilitation FY2014 – Whites Creek Trunk project is scheduled for completion before the end of the year. This project was developed to identify and correct defects in the large diameter sewer that generally follows Whites Creek. These defects allow rain and groundwater to enter the sewer, leading to sanitary sewer overflows. The project consists of the rehabilitation of approximately 38,000 linear feet of gravity sewer, associated manholes, and service laterals within Metro's right of way and easements. Streambank restoration was also conducted along a portion of Whites Creek. Construction on the project, located in Council Districts 1, 2, and3, began in January 2016.


The Annual Rehabilitation FY2016 – South Hurricane Creek project is scheduled for completion in early 2018. The project consists of evaluating and rehabilitating approximately 31,100 linear feet of sewer, manholes, and associated service laterals within Metro's rights-of-way and easements. The goal of this project is to reduce rainfall-derived infiltration and inflow and renew existing infrastructure throughout the southern Hurricane Creek sewer basin. The project, located in Council District 33, began in May 2017.

The Brick Church Pike Improvement Project is scheduled for completion in early 2018. The conveyance project will increase capacity in the sewer system in this area of northwest Nashville and reduce surcharging and sanitary sewer overflows that occur when excess rainwater enters the system. This is being achieved with installation of approximately 9,400 linear feet of large diameter gravity sewer pipe, 500 linear feet of small diameter sewer pipe, associated manholes, and sewer rehabilitation. The project, located in Council District 3, began in August 2016.

Julie Flynn