Dodson Chapel Equalization Facility

Completed April 2014

Significant improvements were constructed at this facility, including a new duty pump station, expanded wet weather pumping, and 11 million gallons of additional storage. The new duty pump station increases the system's reliability to the transfer flow downstream for treatment, while the wet weather pump station is utilized to transfer flows into the storage tanks. The storage tanks are used when sewer flows exceed the capacity of the existing sewer system. The peak flows are stored until the flows in the system recede, and the stored volume can be conveyed through the system to treatment. Without the construction of this facility, flows in excess of the facility's capacity resulted in sanitary sewer overflows.

Project Details

Project Type: Equalization Facility
Project Area Map: View map
Metro Project #: 99-SC-0009L
Council District(s): 14
Sewer basin: Central
Designer: Brown and Caldwell
Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

Project Timeline

Phase Start Finish
Design September 2011 January 2012
Permitting/Bid/Award January 2012 May 2012
Construction May 2012 April 2014

Project Photos