Apex Sewer Corrections

Completed August 2014

In order to address a recurring overflow in the project area, approximately 700 linear feet of 18 to 30-inch sewer was installed to provide additional conveyance capacity. The project also included the rehabilitation of approximately 2,300 linear feet gravity sewer to address structural defects identified by Metro Water Services.

Project Details

Project Type: Conveyance
Project Area Map: View map
Metro Project #: 11-SC-0121
Council District(s): 5
Sewer basin: Central
Designer: Hethcoat & Davis, Inc.
Contractor: Garney Companies, Inc.

Project Timeline

Phase Start Finish
Design March 2013 October 2013
Permitting/Bid/Award October 2013 February 2014
Construction February 2014 August 2014

Project Photos