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Project #    Project Name
11-SC-0135 28th Avenue Rehabilitation
11-SC-135B 28th Avenue Rehabilitation – Area 2 – Batavia Street
11-SC-0150 Bandywood - Green Hills Rehabilitation
11-SC-0122 Benedict & Crutcher Equalization Facility
11-SC-0136 Berwick Trail Pipe Improvements
11-SC-0107 Berwick Trail Pump Station Upgrades
11-SC-0123 Boscobel Equalization Facility
11-SC-0145 Cleece Ferry Rehabilitation
11-SC-0145 Cleeces Ferry – Area 1 – Summerly Drive
11-SC-0129 Combined Sewer System and First Avenue Tunnel Rehabilitation
11-SC-0113 Cowan Street Pipe Improvements
11-SC-0114 Cowan Street Pump Station Upgrades
11-SC-0137 Dry Creek Pipe Improvements
11-SC-0115 Foster Avenue Rehabilitation
11-SC-0146 Henry Ford Drive Pipe Improvements
11-SC-0141 Hidden Acres Pump Station Upgrades
11-SC-0147 Highway 100 / Tyne Boulevard Pipe Improvements
11-SC-0131 Kerrigan Trash Trap Replacement
11-SC-0132 Kerrigan Weir Dynamic Addition
11-SC-0153 Lakewood Rehabilitation – Area 2 – Old Hickory
11-SC-0108 Loves Branch Pump Station Upgrades
11-SC-0151 Mill Creek Trunk Improvements and Equalization Facility
11-SC-0112 Neely's Bend Pump Station Upgrades
11-SC-0138 Norman Drive Pipe Improvements (GC14)
11-SC-0149 River Drive Rehabilitation
11-SC-0119 Riverside Drive Pump Station Upgrades
11-SC-0134 Schrader Equalization Facility
11-SC-0118 Sevenmile Creek Rehabilitation – Area 1
11-SC-0105 Shelby Park Rehabilitation
11-SC-0120 Smith Springs Rehabilitation
11-SC-144B Tuckahoe-Nesbitt Rehabilitation
11-SC-0109 Vandiver Pump Station Upgrades