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West Park Equalization Facility Phase II

Open House held

An Open House to review changes proposed for West Park was held March 25th, 2014 at West Park Community Center.

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A bird's-eye view of the site. The softball field to be built as part of the improvements. A view as one approaches the pavilion.
A bird's-eye view of the pavilion. A bird's-eye view of the playground. A view as one enters the playground.
A view of the playground, looking towards the pavilion and equalization facility. Entering West Park. A rain garden, an element of  green infrastructure designed to reduce stormwater runoff volume.

The project is a partnership between Metro Parks and Metro Water Services to accomplish two significant goals for the community: 1) improve and expand the recreational opportunities within West Park and 2) provide an additional storage tank for the benefit of improving Richland Creek's water quality by addressing existing overflows.

The West Park project will include the construction of a 260 foot diameter, 37 foot high circular wet weather storage tank similar to the one existing on site. The storage tank will be utilized when sewer flows exceed the capacity of the West Park Pump Station. The peak flows are stored until the flows in the system recede, and the stored volume can be conveyed through the pump station to treatment. Without the construction of this facility, flows in excess of the pump station capacity resulted in sanitary sewer overflows.

Park improvements include a new 300 foot adult softball field, basketball court, large restroom/picnic pavilion, walking trail, and 6,000 square foot youth playground with a rubberized safety surface. The softball field will be completely renovated with fencing, an irrigated outfield, and new sports lighting. A 12 foot wide perimeter greenway trail will follow along Richland Creek and create a loop within the park for walking, running, and bicycling. Outdated restrooms will be replaced with a new building complete with a covered picnic area. Open space and landscaping will be enhanced throughout the park to improve its overall aesthetic appearance.

Project Details

Project Type: Equalization Facility

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Metro Project #: 11-SC-0101

Council District(s): 20

Sewer basin: Whites Creek

Designer: Hazen and Sawyer, P.C. for tank design and Lose and Associates for landscape architectural services

Contractor: Cleary Construction, Inc.

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Project Timeline

Phase Start Finish
Design May 2012 December 2014
Permitting/Bid/Award December 2014 April 2015
Construction April 2015 August 2018

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