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Gibson Creek Equalization Facility

This project consists of the construction of a 10 million gallon pre-stressed concrete tank and an 22 million gallons per day pump station. The storage tank is utilized when sewer flows exceed the capacity of the existing sewer system. The peak flows are stored until the flows in the system recede, and the stored volume can be conveyed through the system to treatment. Without the construction of this facility, flows in excess of the system capacity resulted in sanitary sewer overflows.

Project Details

Project Type: Equalization Facility

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Metro Project #: 11-SC-0139

Council District(s): 7

Sewer basin: Dry Creek

Designer: Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.


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Project Timeline

Phase Start Finish
Design September 2016 December 2017
Permitting/Bid/Award December 2017 November 2020
Construction November 2020 May 2022

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