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Cowan Riverside Rehabilitation - Area 4 - Pages Branch

This project was developed to renew aging infrastructure and to address downstream overflows by reducing the amount of rainfall that can enter the system through defects. It originally consisted of the evaluation of approximately 54,200 linear feet of gravity sewer. However, the project has been merged with Cowan Riverside Rehabilitation – Area 5 – Youngs Lane, which consisted of the evaluation of approximately 57,800 linear feet of gravity sewer. The resulting construction project consists of the rehabilitation of approximately 44,550 linear feet of 8 to 30-inch gravity sewer, associated manholes, and service connections.

Project Details

Project Type: Rehabilitation

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Metro Project #: 11-SC-0103D

Council District(s): 2,5,8

Sewer basin: Central

Designer: MWH Americas, Inc. and Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon, Inc.

Contractor: SAK Construction, LLC

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Project Timeline

Phase Start Finish
Design January 2015 February 2016
Permitting/Bid/Award February 2016 August 2016
Construction August 2016 June 2018

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