Cleanwater Nashville

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Completed projects

Lakewood Rehabilitation - Area 1 - Sewer

Completed December 2016

The sewer system within the project area will be updated by a combination of rehabilitation and replacement of approximately 19,000 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer pipe. The existing water mains will be replaced with approximately 11,600 feet of new water mains and approximately 9,800 feet of stormwater pipeline. At the completion of the project, all affected streets will be resurfaced or sealed. Learn More

Driftwood Equalization Facility

Completed November 2013

This project increased the storage capacity of the existing Driftwood facility by 3.2 million gallons and corrected operational electrical defects at the site. Through these improvements, the storage facility is now able to capture the additional flow generated from most rainfall events, preventing the release of combined sewage to the Cumberland River. Learn More

2011 Collection System Structural Defect Repair

Completed September 2013

In order to address structural deficiencies and increase reliability of the sewer system, the project consisted of repairs to sewer pipes and manholes in the Whites Creek basin, as identified through inspections by Metro Water Services. The project included of approximately 25 individual repairs, some being made internally and therefore requiring no excavation and some being made externally, therefore requiring some excavation.
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